Monday, September 24, 2007

A Shameless Plug

Firstly a shameless plug for my research group, the D-Day Dodgers. The group concentrates on the North African and Mediterranean Campaigns of World War Two. Although we are primarily research orientated, we give talks etc. to any interested parties, mainly because we have found that so few of the public know anything about them. One of our membership recently wore a set of KD to give a talk to a local history group and they thought he was wearing American uniform. By doing this we come into close contact with a lot of veterans of the campaigns and endevour to record all their stories. We talk very little about the battles etc. instead concentrating on their job so for example how a Royal Artillery Signaller set up an Observation Post or was trained.

Included on the site is a forum to discuss all related matters and our contributers includes enthusiasts, veterans and historians. Every month on the forum we feature a different aspect of a campaign where it can be discussed in depth. Currently it is Anzio.

We constantly try to make our site more academically acceptable so any help/contributions would be appreciated. The website is


Ross Mahoney said...

Mike - Firstly, welcome to the blogosphere. It is nice to see someone else from Birmingham Uni. Hope the course is going well. Secondly, Your research group looks interesting. Nice to see some serious reserach being conducted on the Med. Are you aware of the Second World War Historical Society that Paul Reed is setting up?

Mike Ingram said...

Yes thanks - Paul is a member of our forum.