Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Source of the expression D-Day Dodgers

I have been trying to find the origins of the D-Day Dodgers name. As yet I have not found anything conclusive all appears to be rumors and stories. This is what we have so far!
May or may not have been as a result of a letter signed D-Day Dodger.
He may have come from the Hampshire Regiment (56 Div?).
Lady Astor may have replied in a speech possibly to Parliament?
She may have replied in a letter.
It may have been someone else.
Lady Astor may have published a denial in the 8th Army News
I have spent a day going through Lady Astors personal papers and there was not one mention of the Dodgers.
We do know that the song was the end result.

If anybody has copies of the 8th Army News with the denial or can add more options etc. I would be pleased to hear from them.

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