Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And so we reach the end

Well thats it. Essays all finished. It is actually quite sad that for the most part, the course is over. However I am now hurling myself at the disertation. The subject - The Tactical Development of River Crossings in Italy. There has been suprisingly little wrote on the subject but a check at the PRO shows there is a lot of documents to be found - so guess where I am spending my summer! Much to the consternation of my family.


Ross Mahoney said...

Ah the summer in the archives. Exactly what I will be doing.

Any ideas on what you'll do after the course?


Mike Ingram said...

Hopefully on to my PHd!

Ross Mahoney said...

Excellent. I assume it will be to do with the Med? Are you going to stay at Brum?

Do you know there is a conference on in July at KCL and the IWM on the War in the Med. I will be delvivering a paper there on air power.