Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Much is being made of the anniversary of the Normandy Landings in the press which is good and helps to keep the memory of this event alive. However, as usual, the Italian campaigns have not had a mention. It may have only been a secondary theatre to the Allied command, but a huge number of men fought and died there and they should have an equal place in our memories. When the survivors of the war in the Mediterranean, who keep the memory alive through groups such as as the First Army, Italy Star and Eighth Army Associations, finally pass on, who will carry the torch then? Branches of these associations close almost weekly because there are so few left to keep them going!

It should also remembered because not only British and Americans fought side by side but Jews, Moslem's, Hindu's and such diverse counties as Brazil, South Africa, Italy, Poland did also. With history taking an even more back seat in the National Curriculum particularly WW2, if for no other reason than events in Italy show the fact that these nations and religion's can work together, WW2 and the Italian campaign should be taught in schools and not forgotten.

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